About Us

Jain&Kriz designers Anvita Jain and Krystof Kriz

Jain&Kriz is a Koblenz / Prague based artist duo working across communication design, photography, drawing, digital art, textiles and jewellery. They combine new design and old techniques to develop uniquely artistic textiles. Spontaneous playful scribbles and doodles are the starting point for developing cheerful home accents.

The studio has consistently been developing an idiosyncratic and contemporary visual language of its own, with the instinctive and absurd often resonating in the work.

Jain&Kriz's vision is distinctly cross-disciplinary, incorporating a passion and respect for the handmade into the work. The products are made in collaboration with master artisans in Czech and India. They are dedicated to producing goods made within an ethically-sourced supply chain, researched and adjusted continually.

Anvita Jain received MFA in 2D Design from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Michigan USA after studying in UK and India. Krystof Kriz received MA in Visual Communication from BIAD, UK after studying in Germany and Czech Republic. J&K have both been Associate Lecturers of Art and Design at Prague City University.